Sunday, February 19, 2017

We are back with a BANG...

 We are back with a BANG...

I can only apologise for the ridiculously long break that Legally Brunette took... I think in total I have had approximately a year and a half break with the occasional spur of blogging and then nothing. I wanted to bring Legally Brunette back so many times, but I guess like a phoenix rising from the ashes she required more work than I was able to commit too. Moving house is a stressful process and even though we've officially been moved in for seven months each day is still a learning curve... From fixing the electrics when you manage to blow the flat up to changing a bulb (who knew LED ceiling lights died with such an aggressive bang?) I think adjusting to another persons company 24/7 and in a flat can be rather challenging. Especially when they are so laid back and I'm a little bit hot headed. We're the human versions of Yin and Yang...

The penultimate year of a university degree is extremely stressful, with the jump from first year being as wide as the Grand Canyon and that 2:1 or First classification feeling as unobtainable as a sneaky peak inside Fort Knox. Due to this I had been left drained and a former shadow of myself. After receiving knock back after knock back regarding Work Experience placements and Training Contracts I began to lose all confidence in myself. I once thought of myself as a Brunette version of Elle Woods, although slightly fatter and poorer. I now looked at myself as an unintelligent individual whose only hope of ever obtaining a 2:1or a Training Contract would be to pray to the divine gods for a miracle. I then had a breakthrough with the offer to work in a Law Firm, but with living an hour away this wasn't doable so once again I found myself broken, pissed off and poor. I then contemplated dropping out of University much to the despair of my family, boyfriend and friends who had seen me work my backside to get to where I am today (but thats a story for another post).


Then I got thinking of every individual who had ever applied to study Law and how many students must have not been accepted yet I was lucky enough to have a place at a decent University and here I was moaning, because no-one wanted to give me that opportunity to work for them or have a work experience placement. I decided to do some soul searching, cliche as hell I know, and figured out that if I had come so far with my journey why would I even want to quit... My parents did not raise a quitter and the Harrison family motto is to never give up no matter how tough things are. I looked back at every single person who had ever supported me from my Primary school teacher Mrs Lesley, to the psychology teacher, Mrs Lacey, who is probably the only reason I am at University and I thought why on earth would you let down every person who has ever believed in you, because you don't have the confidence to believe in yourself?

 I had a meeting with the head of my course and honestly I have never cried so much in my entire life, but I felt like a huge weight had been lifted... I don't know if you've ever tried discussing something you're going through that someone else can't even contemplate so they just get pissed off and argue with you about how you're being stupid, but that was how I felt trying to explain to anyone who wasn't a student on my course. No-one else understood the drowning feeling, but finally someone did understand... The part of the meeting that got me was when this person told me they wanted to see me graduate with everyone else, because they know everything I've been through yet I'm sat in front of them heading to leave with a great classification and they believe I have a self-destruct button I like to press in my life every now and then to keep things exciting (honestly they're probably right). 

Quite frankly looking back on it I feel silly, because my grades are 2:1 level heading towards a First and I know for a fact I have a plan if I don't obtain a Training Contract by the end of my degree... Everyones entitled to a slight mid-life crises even if I've only just turned 21 right? 

Fast forward a few weeks and I realised that the only thing that kept me sane during A-levels was an awful lot of alcohol and blogging. So here we are, with a new design, new niche and basically new everything.  We will be focusing mainly on lifestyle, with the occasional sprinkling of Beauty & Fashion posts to keep things interesting. I hope you like our new layout and I would love to know what you think... I'd also like to thank Beckie from 'The Pale Tails' for all her hard work on helping me with the designing of Legally Brunette... without her help we wouldn't be half as sophisticated as we are right now hahah. If you'd like to check out her blog she blogs at:

Until Next Time
Tori xoxo 

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