Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sensationail- Polish To Gel Transformer Starter Kit Review.

From previous posts I am sure that you all know I love Acrylic Nails... Always have, however my love affair turned sour in Dublin when I caught my nail on a chair and literally lifted my real nail off the nail bed. Fast forward three week I am left nailless and decide that Acrylics are a thing of the past. 

As an avid Acrylic nail wearer for almost two years this took a lot of getting used too... My nails were weak, brittle and so short.  I needed to look at ways to strengthen my nails. I'd tried other nail polishes that were hardening, but none seemed to work then I cam across Sensationail- Polish to Gel Transformer Starter Kit retailing at £49.99. There are two ways that you can use this kit, one being to turn a nail polish into a Gel Polish and the second is to use the Gel Polish as a top layer to seal the nail colour and add strength.

I chose method two as it was the first time using this kit as I didn't know how it would turn out. You paint your nails as usual, ensuring that they are dry and then add the Gel Polish as a top coat making sure you go around the rim of your nail to really seal the polish. Ensure that your nails are 100% dry as if they are not you end up with Orange Peel nails which isn't a good look... I made this fatal mistake on two nails and had to redo them, but I believe this is a fault with myself and not actually with the kit. Place your nails under the lamp for 15 seconds, however I chose 30 seconds to ensure that they were cured properly. You then use the Gel Cleanser and Lint Free wipe to remove the sticky topcoat and....

Hey Presto! You've got lovely Gel Nails. 

I would highly recommend this kit for strengthening your nails and is a must have for those of us who continuously chip their nails. Mine have lasted for 7 days and haven't chipped at all... My nails feel stronger than ever and I can truthfully say I am converted to Gel Nail polish as the new acrylics. 

Until Next Time
Tori xo

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